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We are located in the northwest of Peru. We are full of colonial buildings, such as the cathedral of Piura, with its many gold-coloured parts, located in the centre of the city, in the Plaza de Armas. You can't miss the Casa Museo Almirante Miguel Grau either, as it holds many memories of this hero who is a great figure throughout Peru for his exploits in the 19th century war.
We are talking about a tropical, warm and dry climate and if we combine it with the proximity to the beach that this city has, for example the Lobitos Beach, the truth is that it is a golden opportunity for you to visit it, or for you to move! Also you can't miss the Basilica Cathedral of Piura.
We have thousands of plans and opinions to give you about Piura, like empanadas argentinas classes Piura among many others, we are a young team and we will try and make you fall in love with our city!